Thanks to Halmstad luminaires, garden spaces will acquire a unique charm. The garden lives its life after dark, and with stylish lamps from Norlys, you can extend your walks through your favourite corners and enjoy as many pleasant moments as you wish.

A post made of natural wood works well with shrubs, perennials, stones, and, above all, with the wooden architecture of the garden - arbour, benches, trellises for climbing plants, etc. Lamps in the garden are exposed to snow, sun, frost, and moisture. That is why we have made every effort to ensure that they last as long as possible when strongly exposed to the test of time and weather. The elegant design with modern LED technology and various sizes make it simply worth checking out in your garden. The trees will grow bigger, the plants will create a life-giving retreat, and the reliable Halmstad lamps will continue to enhance the beauty of your garden.


Technical data

  • Color expand the list
    • Black
    • Graphite
    • Galvanized Steel
  • Light source expand the list
    • LED
    • LED E27
    • E27
  • Power expand the list

    0W 10,5W

  • Control expand the list
    • Dimmable
  • Luminous flux expand the list

    252lm 310lm

  • Height expand the list
    • 49cm
    • 85cm
    • 26cm
Index Color Light source Power Control Luminous flux Height
1346B Black LED8,5WDimmable310lm49cm
1346GA Galvanized LED8,5WDimmable310lm49cm
1346GR Graphite LED8,5WDimmable310lm49cm
1407B Black LED8,5WDimmable292lm49cm
1407GA Galvanized LED8,5WDimmable292lm49cm
1407GR Graphite LED8,5WDimmable292lm49cm
1409B Black LED8,5WDimmable292lm49cm
1409GA Galvanized LED8,5WDimmable292lm49cm
1409GR Graphite LED8,5WDimmable292lm49cm
1417B Black LED8,5WDimmable292lm85cm
1417GA Galvanized LED8,5WDimmable292lm85cm
1417GR Graphite LED8,5WDimmable292lm85cm
1419B Black LED8,5WDimmable292lm85cm
1419GA Galvanized LED8,5WDimmable292lm85cm
1419GR Graphite LED8,5WDimmable292lm85cm
1482B Black LED10,5WDimmable295lm85cm
1482GA Galvanized LED8,5WDimmable292lm85cm
1482GR LED8,5WDimmable292lm85cm
1483B Black LED E275,9WDimmable252lm85cm
1483GA Galvanized LED E275,9WDimmable252lm85cm
1483GR Graphite LED E275,9WDimmable252lm85cm
1488B Black E275,9WDimmable252lm49cm
1488GA Galvanized E275,9WDimmable252lm49cm
1488GR Graphite E275,9WDimmable252lm49cm
1489B Black LED10,5WDimmable49cm
1489GA Galvanized LED10,5WDimmable49cm
1489GR Graphite LED10,5WDimmable49cm
210B Black E27LED max 9W26cm
210GA Galvanized E27LED max 9W26cm
210GR Graphite E27LED max 9W26cm
211B Black LED10,5WDimmable295lm26cm
211GA Galvanized LED10,5WDimmable295lm26cm
211GR Graphite LED10,5WDimmable295lm26cm
212B Black E275,9WDimmable26cm
212GA Galvanized E275,9WDimmable26cm
212GR Graphite E275,9WDimmable26cm
295B Black LED E27LED max 9W49cm
295GA Galvanized LED E27LED max 9W49cm
295GR Graphite LED E27LED max 9W49cm
296B Black E27LED max 9W85cm
296GA Galvanized E27LED max 9W85cm
296GR Graphite E27LED max 9W85cm
5022B Black LED10WDimmable85cm
5022GA Galvanized LED10WDimmable85cm
5022GR Graphite LED8,5WDimmable310lm85cm
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