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Copper remove filter
Galvanized Steel remove filter
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Aluminum remove filter
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Steel remove filter
Light source
E27 remove filter
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Protection class
I remove filter
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LED colour
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Luminous flux
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Ingress Protection IP
IP44 remove filter
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IK rating
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  • Style expand the list
    • Classic
    • Industrial
    • Loft
    • Modern
  • Colour expand the list
    • Aluminium
    • Black
    • Copper
    • Galvanized Steel
    • Graphite
    • White
  • Material expand the list
    • Aluminum
    • Copper
    • Steel
  • Light source expand the list
    • E27
    • LED
    • LED E27
  • Power expand the list
    • 0W 54W

  • Protection class expand the list
    • I
    • II
  • Control expand the list
    • D4i
    • DALI
    • DALI2
    • DALI2 / NightDim
    • Dimmable
  • LED colour expand the list
    • 3000K
    • 4000K
  • Luminous flux expand the list
    • 2lm 7746lm

  • Ingress Protection IP expand the list
    • IP44
    • IP54
    • IP54/65
    • IP55
    • IP55/65
    • IP65
  • IK rating expand the list
    • IK05
    • IK06
    • IK07
    • IK08
    • IK09
    • IK10
  • Lens expand the list
    • IESNA type II/III
    • IESNA type III
    • IESNA type V


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Modern construction needs new solutions, and you have the right to shape the space as you see fit. The modern Asker luminaire family is perfect for this.


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Designing a good contemporary space can be an art. Light can be the creative material of this space. The classic design of the Bolonia luminaire is just one of our proposals, a small but important brick in the construction of an original space.


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Norlys lamps have been synonymous with top quality and modern design for years, and the Borg family of lamps is a prime example. Borg will prove ideal for designing modern solutions to enhance the comfort of urban living.


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This is where we will surprise you. In this line of luminaires, we decided to break with minimalism. Chelsea is craftsmanship, perfect workmanship, and hand-joined polished copper. Compared to the other designs, it is almost baroque.


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Light influences the perception of space. Urban, rural, the one closest to outside the window.It influences our mood, it gives rhythm to the times of day and night. Como can be the main note of this rhythm.


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Conjuring up a user-pleasing soothing space takes time and considerable investment. A garden takes years to shape and develops a patina. Egersund lamps will be the proverbial dot over the "i".


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As long-lived as a famous Italian city. Not subject to changing fashions, solid and durable.A combination of classic Norlysian elegance and reliability.


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It is a lamp whose element is the city. Vibrant, but safe and comfortable. The Hammerfest model harks back to the classic style, but is ultimately thoroughly modern. Just take a look.


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Scandinavia has a polar night for two months. Hence our passion for light. And a passion for sharing it with others. Karlstad luminaires come straight from Scandinavia and impress with their classic design.


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Are you looking for lamps that are proven, robust, practical, and also suitable for driveway lighting? You have found it. The Kisa lamp is an innovative product from Norlys, featuring the latest in LED technology.


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The classics have always had, have and will always have their followers. The Koster family of lamps is a proposal for them.


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Tradition, simplicity, minimalism, simplicity, minimalism, tradition.... As followers of Scandinavian design, these are the principles we stick to and will continue to stick to. The Lofoten family, rich in lamp types, is the best expression of this.


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It is indeed easy to imagine this lamp romantically illuminating the mist-shrouded corners of England's capital city on the banks of the Thames or the strolling alleys in England's famous gardens.


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We give our word that we once saw almost identical lamps along the atmospheric streets of the town of Lund in Sweden. Or was it just this model? In any case, it could hardly be simpler and universal design - it should be a favorite of towns with atmosphere.


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There is a reason why we named this lamp so. It is the quintessence of true elegance that follows two steps behind fashion. Milano - Italian chic in your garden.


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Up to now, you may have associated Modena with Ferrari. From now on, you may also associate it with Norlys lamps. The distinctive and even sharp shapes of the Modena line of lamps combine traditional design with modern technology.


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Ultra contemporary form achieved with simple means. The Mora lantern offers designers plenty of possibilities. After all, it's not just about brightness. We care about safety, positive impression, and good reception of the places where our everyday life takes place. It must be said that Mora can create an aura, send good vibes.


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Nice is the best proof that you can tame the night. And you can illuminate smarter too. Nice is excellent design from Norlys and solutions that illuminate exactly what they are supposed to illuminate.


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Walking... sorry standing elegance. The Oslo lamp is available in pillar, post, ceiling, and wall versions. In a copper body, it looks simply perfect.


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When buying a lamp, you will no doubt come across markings expressed with the letter E and a number like E27 on this model. The number is the outer diameter in millimeters. What does the letter E stand for? E for Edison.


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We already know a great deal about the effects of lighting on the human body and well-being. So we are taking up the challenge that science has set for the lighting industry. Stockholm lamps can promote relaxation, but also motivate action.


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She could have starred in a sci-fi film. It is thoroughly futuristic, ahead of its time and elegant. Whatever your needs, Trysil is the perfect choice for those who want to combine modernity with reliability and exceptional style.


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The city needs light of the right quality and in the right quantity. It needs balance. The Visby model can be the perfect compromise here.

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