Are you looking for lamps that are proven, robust, practical, and also suitable for driveway lighting? You have found it. The Kisa lamp is an innovative product from Norlys, featuring the latest in LED technology.

The advantages of popular LEDs do not end with energy efficiency. This technology has now developed to the point where lighting can be controlled in an almost unlimited way. Light and sound performances, for example, benefit from these properties. We do not require this from the driveway lights, but the Kisa lamp also takes advantage of the enormous field of application of LED, offering several versions of control and light direction. Light sources must be glare-free. This is a priority for safety and convenience. In this lamp, this is ensured by the milky diffuser, giving an intense but non-glare beam of light. The focus here is on driveways, but Kisa is, of course, ideal as energy-saving lighting in garden settings and for illuminating walkways.


Technical data

  • Color expand the list
    • Black
    • Graphite
    • Aluminium
  • Light source expand the list
    • LED
  • Power expand the list

    8,8W 27W

  • Control expand the list
    • Dimmable
    • DALI2 / NightDim
  • LED colour expand the list
    • 3000K
    • 4000K
  • Luminous flux expand the list

    706lm 2637lm

  • Type expand the list
    • jednostronna
    • dwustronna
  • expand the list
    • Revision door
Index Color Light source Power Control LED colour Luminous flux Type
5190AL Aluminium LED8,8WDimmable3000K706lmjednostronnaRevision door
5190GR Graphite LED8,8WDimmable3000K706lmjednostronnaRevision door
5191AL Aluminium LED8,8WDimmable4000K766lmjednostronnaRevision door
5191GR Graphite LED8,8WDimmable4000K766lmjednostronnaRevision door
5192AL Aluminium LED14,1WDALI2 / NightDim3000K1185lmjednostronnaRevision door
5192GR Graphite LED14,1WDALI2 / NightDim3000K1185lmjednostronnaRevision door
5193AL Aluminium LED14,1WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1222lmjednostronnaRevision door
5193GR Graphite LED14,1WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1222lmjednostronnaRevision door
5194AL Aluminium LED13,4WDimmable3000K1274lmdwustronnaRevision door
5194GR Graphite LED13,4WDimmable3000K1274lmdwustronnaRevision door
5195AL Aluminium LED13,4WDimmable4000K1357lmdwustronnaRevision door
5195GR Graphite LED13,4WDimmable4000K1357lmdwustronnaRevision door
5196AL Aluminium LED27WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2432lmdwustronnaRevision door
5196GR Graphite LED27WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2432lmdwustronnaRevision door
5197AL Aluminium LED27WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2637lmdwustronnaRevision door
5197GR Graphite LED27WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2637lmdwustronnaRevision door
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