Corporate Governance


NORLYS has for many years conducted its business in accordance with industry standards, legislation, a set of its own policies and the highest standards of service to our customers. Aware of the changing context in which our organisation operates, we have introduced Policy E-S-G (Environment, Social, Governance), which aims to:

  • Ensuring equal opportunities and participation in employment for women and men,
  • Elimination of conflict of interest situations and corruption risks,
  • Minimising the environmental impact of the Company and its products,
  • Ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions,
  • Application of best practice in Corporate Governance,
  • Promoting a culture of mutual respect towards all staff.

The above objectives are supported by operational tasks implemented at all levels of the organisation and by the following regulations.

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Environmental policy, adherence to principles of responsibility and care for the environment, operating at the highest standards confirmed by environmental certifications.

Social Responsibility

Relationships with suppliers, customers, business partners, compliance with labor laws, occupational health and safety principles, product quality, company information policy, and transparency.

Corporate Governance

The company's management structure, respect for shareholder rights, reporting and disclosure obligations, internal control system, policies and procedures (such as procurement policy, anti-corruption policy, ethics hotline, code of ethical conduct, etc.).