The bold shape makes this lamp an elegant street furniture piece. It is dedicated to urban spaces. To the new ones, but also to those that are changing faces more and more often. Revitalization is not just a simple renovation of buildings. It is meant to breathe new life into cities, create a unique atmosphere, and craft places where people want to stay.

This is a modern and minimalist fitting intended for round poles. The Asker Head lamp can be a part of a spectacular transformation, provided that the lighting composition of the city is an important factor in the revitalization process. Asker Head will reign over the chaos of light. The space will not be an urban jungle, but an organized and coherent sanctuary. At Norlys, we know that light has the power to create space.


Technical data

  • Color expand the list
    • Black
    • Graphite
    • Aluminium
  • Light source expand the list
    • LED
  • Power expand the list

    19,5W 39,8W

  • Control expand the list
    • DALI2 / NightDim
  • LED colour expand the list
    • 3000K
    • 4000K
  • Luminous flux expand the list

    2624lm 6015lm

  • Lens expand the list
    • IESNA type II/III
    • IESNA type V
  • Ø pole expand the list
    • Ø60
Index Color Light source Power Control LED colour Luminous flux Lens Ø pole
4300AL Aluminium LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2624lmIESNA type II/III
4300B Black LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2624lmIESNA type II/III
4300GR Graphite LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2624lmIESNA type II/III
4301AL Aluminium LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2742lmIESNA type II/III
4301B Black LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2742lmIESNA type II/III
4301GR Graphite LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2742lmIESNA type II/III
4302AL Aluminium LED19,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2711lmIESNA type V
4302B Black LED19,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2711lmIESNA type V
4302GR Graphite LED19,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2711lmIESNA type V
4303AL Aluminium LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2832lmIESNA type V
4303B Black LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2832lmIESNA type V
4303GR Graphite LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2832lmIESNA type V
4310AL Aluminium LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim3000K5457lmIESNA type II/III
4310B Black LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim3000K5457lmIESNA type II/III
4310GR Graphite LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim3000K5457lmIESNA type II/III
4311AL Aluminium LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K5723lmIESNA type II/III
4311B Black LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K5723lmIESNA type II/III
4311GR Graphite LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K5723lmIESNA type II/III
4312AL Aluminium LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim3000K5732lmIESNA type V
4312B Black LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim3000K5732lmIESNA type V
4312GR Graphite LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim3000K5732lmIESNA type V
4313AL Aluminium LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K6015lmIESNA type V
4313B Black LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K6015lmIESNA type V
4313GR Graphite LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K6015lmIESNA type V
4322AL Aluminium LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2624lmIESNA type II/IIIØ60
4322B Black LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2624lmIESNA type II/IIIØ60
4322GR Graphite LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2624lmIESNA type II/IIIØ60
4323AL Aluminium LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2742lmIESNA type II/IIIØ60
4323B Black LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2742lmIESNA type II/IIIØ60
4323GR Graphite LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2742lmIESNA type II/IIIØ60
4332AL Aluminium LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim3000K5457lmIESNA type II/IIIØ60
4332B Black LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim3000K5457lmIESNA type II/IIIØ60
4332GR Graphite LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim3000K5457lmIESNA type II/IIIØ60
4333AL Aluminium LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K5723lmIESNA type II/IIIØ60
4333B Black LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K5723lmIESNA type II/IIIØ60
4333GR Graphite LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K5723lmIESNA type II/IIIØ60
4362AL Aluminium LED19,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2711lmIESNA type VØ60
4362B Black LED19,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2711lmIESNA type VØ60
4362GR Graphite LED19,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K2711lmIESNA type VØ60
4363AL Aluminium LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2832lmIESNA type VØ60
4363B Black LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2832lmIESNA type VØ60
4363GR Graphite LED19,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K2832lmIESNA type VØ60
4372AL Aluminium LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim3000K5732lmIESNA type VØ60
4372B Black LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim3000K5732lmIESNA type VØ60
4372GR Graphite LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim3000K5732lmIESNA type VØ60
4373AL Aluminium LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K6015lmIESNA type VØ60
4373B Black LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K6015lmIESNA type VØ60
4373GR Graphite LED39,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K6015lmIESNA type VØ60
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