The lamps in this series are as charming as the town in Norway after which they are named. Small, but they have something about them that does not allow you to pass by them indifferently.

Fans of Norlys' characteristic Scandinavian minimalism should be pleased. It is hard to find a simpler and more elegant shape. In addition, the Lillesand lamp is available in aluminium or in a tasteful and beautifully blending wood in almost any arrangement. What draws attention is the rotating-symmetrical light source, which evenly illuminates the space. Needless to say, Lillesand is equipped with energy-saving LED. Lillesand lamps - distinctively minimalist and economical on the pocket.


Technical data

  • Color expand the list
    • Graphite
    • Aluminium
  • Light source expand the list
    • LED
  • Power expand the list

    9,2W 9,2W

  • Control expand the list
    • Dimmable
  • LED colour expand the list
    • 3000K
    • 4000K
  • Luminous flux expand the list

    897lm 956lm

  • Height expand the list
    • 85cm
    • 49cm
Index Color Light source Power Control LED colour Luminous flux Height Wood
2334AL Aluminium LED9,2WDimmable3000K897lm85cm
2334GR Graphite LED9,2WDimmable3000K897lm85cm
2335AL Aluminium LED9,2WDimmable4000K956lm85cm
2335GR Graphite LED9,2WDimmable4000K956lm85cm
2338AL Aluminium LED9,2WDimmable3000K897lm85cm
2338GR Graphite LED9,2WDimmable3000K897lm85cm
2339AL Aluminium LED9,2WDimmable4000K956lm85cm
2339GR Graphite LED9,2WDimmable4000K956lm85cm
2346AL Aluminium LED9,2WDimmable3000K897lm49cm
2346GR Graphite LED9,2WDimmable3000K897lm49cm
2347AL Aluminium LED9,2WDimmable4000K956lm49cm
2347GR Graphite LED9,2WDimmable4000K956lm49cm
2350AL Aluminium LED9,2WDimmable3000K897lm49cm
2350GR Graphite LED9,2WDimmable3000K897lm49cm
2351AL Aluminium LED9,2WDimmable4000K956lm49cm
2351GR Graphite LED9,2WDimmable4000K956lm49cm
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