This lamp could be a real discovery for designers of urban spaces and individual investors. Why? We have used innovative lens systems designed at Norlys in these lamps.

Their configurability allows for original lighting effects that are really difficult to copy with other lamps. The original Lysford, although simple in shape can conjure up an extraordinary atmosphere. The various options for setting the angle of incidence of wide or focused light rays, give you a very wide range of possibilities for painting your space with light. In addition, you get legendary quality from Norlys - safe glass, reliable and long-lasting LEDs, aluminium. Let yourself be positively surprised. Choose Lysford lamps.


Technical data

  • Color expand the list
    • Black
    • White
    • Graphite
    • Aluminium
  • Light direction expand the list
  • Light source expand the list
    • LED
  • Power expand the list

    14,6W 26,5W

  • Control expand the list
    • DALI2 / NightDim
  • LED colour expand the list
    • 3000K
    • 4000K
  • Luminous flux expand the list

    37lm 1814lm

Index Color Light direction Light source Power Control LED colour Luminous flux
6401AL Aluminium LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K946lm
6401B Black LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K946lm
6401GR Graphite LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K946lm
6401W White LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K946lm
6402AL Aluminium LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K946lm
6402B Black LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K946lm
6402GR Graphite LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K946lm
6402W White LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K946lm
6403AL Aluminium LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K1814lm
6403B Black LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K1814lm
6403GR Graphite LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K1814lm
6403W White LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K1814lm
6404AL Aluminium LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K78lm
6404B Black LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K78lm
6404GR Graphite LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K78lm
6404W White LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K78lm
6405AL Aluminium LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K39lm
6405B Black LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K39lm
6405GR Graphite LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K39lm
6405W White LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K39lm
6406AL Aluminium LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K39lm
6406B Black LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K39lm
6406GR Graphite LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K39lm
6406W White LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K39lm
6407AL Aluminium LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K998lm
6407B Black LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K998lm
6407GR Graphite LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K998lm
6407W White LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K998lm
6408AL Aluminium LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K998lm
6408B Black LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K998lm
6408GR Graphite LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K998lm
6408W White LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim3000K998lm
6421AL Aluminium LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K946lm
6421B Black LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K946lm
6421GR Graphite LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K946lm
6421W White LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K946lm
6422AL Aluminium LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K946lm
6422B Black LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K946lm
6422GR Graphite LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K946lm
6422W White LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K946lm
6423AL Aluminium LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1814lm
6423B Black LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1814lm
6423GR Graphite LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1814lm
6423W White LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1814lm
6424AL Aluminium LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K78lm
6424B Black LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K78lm
6424GR Graphite LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K78lm
6424W White LED26,5WDALI2 / NightDim4000K78lm
6425AL Aluminium LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K37lm
6425B Black LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K37lm
6425GR Graphite LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K37lm
6425W White LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K37lm
6426AL Aluminium LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K37lm
6426B Black LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K37lm
6426GR Graphite LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K37lm
6426W White LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K37lm
6427AL Aluminium LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1016lm
6427B Black LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1016lm
6427GR Graphite LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1016lm
6427W White LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1016lm
6428AL Aluminium LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1016lm
6428B Black LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1016lm
6428GR Graphite LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1016lm
6428W White LED14,6WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1016lm
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