Light is also shadow. It is not possible to illuminate every nook and cranny, but lighting should make us feel safe and comfortable. Nasmos is ideal for illuminating stairs, steps, staircases, passageways, and dodges on walkways.

Nasmos is recommended where you need to illuminate the most important points of your property, especially if there is a difference in level. Industrial elegance - this seemingly contradictory statement takes on a new meaning for anyone who looks at this lamp. This unusual luminaire will work perfectly as a modern lighting solution for wall surfaces and guarantees even illumination of the area under the lamp. It looks equally good recessed into the wall as well as the pillar version. If you want to stand out, Namsos lamps will be the way to do it.

day night


Pleasant atmosphere of light.



Technical data

  • Color expand the list
    • Graphite
    • Aluminium
  • Light source expand the list
    • LED
  • Power expand the list

    8,4W 13,8W

  • LED colour expand the list
    • 3000K
    • 4000K
  • Luminous flux expand the list

    566lm 904lm

  • Height expand the list
    • 95cm
    • 65cm
Index Color Light source Power LED colour Luminous flux Height
1931AL Aluminium LED8,4W3000K566lm95cm
1931GR Graphite LED8,4W3000K566lm95cm
1932AL Aluminium LED8,6W3000K566lm65cm
1932GR Graphite LED8,6W3000K566lm65cm
5012AL Aluminium LED8,6W4000K612lm95cm
5012GR Graphite LED8,6W4000K612lm95cm
5013AL Aluminium LED8,6W4000K612lm65cm
5013GR Graphite LED8,6W4000K612lm65cm
6033AL Aluminium LED13,8W3000K904lm95cm
6033GR Graphite LED13,8W3000K904lm95cm
6034AL Aluminium LED13,8W3000K904lm65cm
6034GR Graphite LED13,8W3000K904lm65cm
6035AL Aluminium LED13,8W4000K877lm95cm
6035GR Graphite LED13,8W4000K877lm95cm
6036AL Aluminium LED13,8W4000K877lm65cm
6036GR Graphite LED13,8W4000K877lm65cm
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