It looks strong, and indeed it is. Norlys flagship model is a luminaire of legendary durability that will do well in areas where it could be compromised.

This is, of course, only one of the many advantages of this lamp. It is a truly multi-talented piece. The path leading to the gate, the terrace where we spend long summer evenings, the driveway, where there is no room for lighting half-measures - the Narvik model will work everywhere. The ingeniously designed diffuser emits a rotationally symmetrical stream of light, and thanks to the use of the latest technology, the luminaire provides a maximum field of illumination in relation to its size. Narvik is the ideal solution for modern architecture. It is also available in a PRO version, which, with half the power of the luminaire compared to the basic model, gives a 30% more powerful light output. But let's leave such details to the engineers. One thing is certain - this lamp will not let you down.


Technical data

  • Color expand the list
    • Graphite
    • Aluminium
  • Light source expand the list
    • LED
  • Power expand the list

    13,4W 22,5W

  • Control expand the list
    • Dimmable
    • DALI2 / NightDim
  • LED colour expand the list
    • 4000K
    • 3000K
  • Luminous flux expand the list

    556lm 1475lm

  • expand the list
    • Satin
    • Clear
Index Color Light source Power Control LED colour Luminous flux
1733AL Aluminium LED13,4WDimmable4000K757lmSatin
1733GR Graphite LED13,4WDimmable4000K757lmSatin
1734AL Aluminium LED13,4WDimmable4000K959lmClear
1734GR Graphite LED13,4WDimmable4000K959lmClear
1735AL Aluminium LED22,2WDALI2 / NightDim3000K1123lmSatin
1735GR Graphite LED22,2WDALI2 / NightDim3000K1123lmSatin
1736AL Aluminium LED22,2WDALI2 / NightDim3000K1416lmClear
1736GR Graphite LED22,2WDALI2 / NightDim3000K1416lmClear
1737AL Aluminium LED22,2WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1162lmSatin
1737GR Graphite LED22,2WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1162lmSatin
1738AL Aluminium LED22,2WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1475lmClear
1738GR Graphite LED22,2WDALI2 / NightDim4000K1475lmClear
1850AL Aluminium LED22,2W3000K1122lmSatin
1850GR Graphite LED22,2W3000K1122lmSatin
1851AL Aluminium LED22,2W4000K1162lmSatin
1851GR Graphite LED22,2W4000K1162lmSatin
1852AL Aluminium LED22,2W3000K1416lmClear
1852GR Graphite LED22,2W3000K1416lmClear
1853AL Aluminium LED22,2W4000K1475lmClear
1853GR Graphite LED22,2W4000K1475lmClear
5024AL Aluminium LED21,8W4000K564lm
5024GR Graphite LED21,8W4000K564lm
5090AL Aluminium LED21,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K582lm
5090GR Graphite LED21,8WDALI2 / NightDim4000K582lm
5091AL Aluminium LED22,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K597lm
5091GR Graphite LED22,5WDALI2 / NightDim3000K597lm
553AL Aluminium LED13,6WDimmable3000K853lmClear
553GR Graphite LED13,6WDimmable3000K853lmClear
557AL Aluminium LED21,8W3000K556lm
557GR Graphite LED21,8W3000K556lm
559AL Aluminium LED13,4WDimmable3000K666lmSatin
559GR Graphite LED13,4WDimmable3000K666lmSatin
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