When buying a lamp, you will no doubt come across markings expressed with the letter E and a number like E27 on this model. The number is the outer diameter in millimeters. What does the letter E stand for? E for Edison.

Or, more precisely, the Edison thread. Edison himself did not invent the light bulb, but he is nevertheless most strongly associated with it. That, however, is a topic for another story. In the meantime, we present a work that is far more perfect than Thomas Edison's first incandescent lamps. Rimini is the ideal choice for those looking for classic style in a smaller size. The excellent lighting performance, the legendary durability of the luminaires, and the availability in a pillar version make it a fairly obvious choice for lovers of the classics. Classic lovers - we will answer all your questions!


Technical data

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    • Black
    • White
  • Light source expand the list
    • E27
Index Color Light source Type
2591B Black E27
2591W White E27
259B Black E27
259W White E27
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