Floodlights are true allies in enhancing the beauty of any type of architecture. Specialists in uncovering hidden potentials. That is exactly what the Glode lamp is.

You will marvel at the play of light and the amazing effects that can highlight the individual features of the object being illuminated. With its austere form, Glode definitely stands out from the competition. It is the ideal solution for those who need additional functionality in addition to traditional lighting, i.e. the separation of a separate zone. During the day, Glode acts as a discreet guardian, and after dark it becomes a true artist of light, adding a unique character to your surroundings. Without the Glode lamp, the beauty of the details will never be so expressive.


Technical data

  • Color expand the list
    • Black
    • Graphite
    • Aluminium
  • Light source expand the list
    • LED
  • Power expand the list

    53W 54W

  • Control expand the list
    • DALI2
  • LED colour expand the list
    • 3000K
    • 4000K
  • Luminous flux expand the list

    7320lm 7746lm

  • Height expand the list
    • 65cm
    • 40cm
Index Color Light source Power Control LED colour Luminous flux Height
1261AL Aluminium LED53WDALI23000K7320lm65cm
1261B Black LED53WDALI23000K7320lm65cm
1261GR Graphite LED53WDALI23000K7320lm65cm
1262AL Aluminium LED53WDALI24000K7746lm65cm
1262B Black LED53WDALI24000K7746lm65cm
1262GR Graphite LED53WDALI24000K7746lm65cm
1263AL Aluminium LED53WDALI23000K7320lm40cm
1263B Black LED53WDALI23000K7320lm40cm
1263GR Graphite LED53WDALI23000K7320lm40cm
1264AL Aluminium LED53WDALI24000K7746lm40cm
1264B Black LED53WDALI24000K7746lm40cm
1264GR Graphite LED53WDALI24000K7746lm40cm
1281AL Aluminium LED54W3000K7320lm65cm
1281B Black LED54W3000K7320lm65cm
1281GR Graphite LED54W3000K7320lm65cm
1282AL Aluminium LED54W4000K7745lm65cm
1282B Black LED54W4000K7745lm65cm
1282GR Graphite LED54W4000K7745lm65cm
1283AL Aluminium LED54W3000K7320lm40cm
1283B Black LED54W3000K7320lm40cm
1283GR Graphite LED54W3000K7320lm40cm
1284AL Aluminium LED54W4000K7745lm40cm
1284B Black LED54W4000K7745lm40cm
1284GR Graphite LED54W4000K7745lm40cm
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