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Industrial remove filter
Loft remove filter
Modern remove filter
AL remove filter
BC remove filter
BL remove filter
CO remove filter
GA remove filter
GR remove filter
R0 remove filter
ST remove filter
WH remove filter
ZX remove filter
Aluminum remove filter
Wood remove filter
Copper remove filter
Steel remove filter
Stainless steel remove filter
Other remove filter
Light source
E14 remove filter
E27 remove filter
LED remove filter
LED E27 remove filter
LED GU10 remove filter
- remove filter
Protection class
I remove filter
II remove filter
D4i remove filter
DALI remove filter
DALI2 remove filter
DALI2 / NightDim remove filter
Dimmable remove filter
WiZ Pro remove filter
LED colour
2700K remove filter
3000K remove filter
4000K remove filter
Luminous flux
- remove filter
Ingress Protection IP
IP43 remove filter
IP44 remove filter
IP45 remove filter
IP54 remove filter
IP54/65 remove filter
IP55 remove filter
IP55/65 remove filter
IP65 remove filter
IP68 (1m) remove filter
IK rating
IK05 remove filter
IK06 remove filter
IK07 remove filter
IK08 remove filter
IK09 remove filter
IK10 remove filter
IESNA type II/III remove filter
IESNA type III remove filter
IESNA type IV remove filter
IESNA type V remove filter
  • Style expand the list
    • Classic
    • Industrial
    • Loft
    • Modern
  • Colour expand the list
    • AL
    • BC
    • BL
    • CO
    • GA
    • GR
    • R0
    • ST
    • WH
    • ZX
  • Material expand the list
    • Aluminum
    • Wood
    • Copper
    • Steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Other
  • Light source expand the list
    • E14
    • E27
    • LED
    • LED E27
    • LED GU10
  • Power expand the list
    • 0W 54W

  • Protection class expand the list
    • I
    • II
  • Control expand the list
    • D4i
    • DALI
    • DALI2
    • DALI2 / NightDim
    • Dimmable
    • WiZ Pro
  • LED colour expand the list
    • 2700K
    • 3000K
    • 4000K
  • Luminous flux expand the list
    • 2lm 7746lm

  • Ingress Protection IP expand the list
    • IP43
    • IP44
    • IP45
    • IP54
    • IP54/65
    • IP55
    • IP55/65
    • IP65
    • IP68 (1m)
  • IK rating expand the list
    • IK05
    • IK06
    • IK07
    • IK08
    • IK09
    • IK10
  • Lens expand the list
    • IESNA type II/III
    • IESNA type III
    • IESNA type IV
    • IESNA type V


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"Don't be afraid of shadows. They testify that there is light somewhere." Oscar Wilde once said. If there had been a Bergen fixture in the famous writer's time, he might have had this very lamp in mind.


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Minimalist design, classic shape. In a word, an endearing simplicity that heralds the versatility of this lamp and its many possible applications.


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This is where we will surprise you. In this line of luminaires, we decided to break with minimalism. Chelsea is craftsmanship, perfect workmanship, and hand-joined polished copper. Compared to the other designs, it is almost baroque.


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As long-lived as a famous Italian city. Not subject to changing fashions, solid and durable.A combination of classic Norlysian elegance and reliability.


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Scandinavia has a polar night for two months. Hence our passion for light. And a passion for sharing it with others. Karlstad luminaires come straight from Scandinavia and impress with their classic design.


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Tradition, simplicity, minimalism, simplicity, minimalism, tradition.... As followers of Scandinavian design, these are the principles we stick to and will continue to stick to. The Lofoten family, rich in lamp types, is the best expression of this.


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It is indeed easy to imagine this lamp romantically illuminating the mist-shrouded corners of England's capital city on the banks of the Thames or the strolling alleys in England's famous gardens.


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Up to now, you may have associated Modena with Ferrari. From now on, you may also associate it with Norlys lamps. The distinctive and even sharp shapes of the Modena line of lamps combine traditional design with modern technology.


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Undoubtedly, simple geometric shapes have something to offer. Nidaros luminaires look intriguing and create added value in any space. It is a response to the designers' search for simple and functional solutions in contemporary architecture.


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Walking... sorry standing elegance. The Oslo lamp is available in pillar, post, ceiling, and wall versions. In a copper body, it looks simply perfect.


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The opinion that light can be a material of architecture on a par with wood, concrete, stone, or steel is not an isolated one. There remains the question of the light source. One obvious choice might be the Sandvik lamp.

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