Undoubtedly, simple geometric shapes have something to offer. Nidaros luminaires look intriguing and create added value in any space. It is a response to the designers' search for simple and functional solutions in contemporary architecture.

This lamp is the epitome of modernity. Fans of the hi-tech style, which is gaining strongly in popularity recently, should queue up for it. Why? Because it combines innovation, technology, and practical minimalism. The selection of products in the Nidaros family is so extensive that you can easily find the right lighting to suit your needs. We, for example, have the idea of using all the versions on one surface. What do you think? Nidaros - impresses with its simplicity, charms with its modernity.

day night
ART 2120, 2123GR.pngART 2120, 2123GR_ON.pngART 2121, 2124 BL.pngART 2121, 2124 GR_ON.png2122, 2125 BL ON.png2122, 2125 BL OFF.pngART 2120, 2123GWH.pngART 2120, 2123GWH_ON.pngART 2121, 2124 WH.pngART 2121, 2124 WH_ON.png2122, 2125 WH OFF.png2122, 2125 WH ON.pngART 2120, 2123GR.pngART 2120, 2123GR_ON.pngART 2121, 2124 GR.pngART 2121, 2124 GR_ON.png2122, 2125 GR OFF.png2122, 2125 GR ON.pngART 2120, 2123GALpng.pngART 2120, 2123GAL_ON.pngART 2121, 2124 AL.pngART 2121, 2124 AL_ON.png2122, 2125 AL OFF.png2122, 2125 AL ON.png


Innovation, technology, and practical minimalism.



Technical data

  • Color expand the list
    • Black
    • White
    • Graphite
    • Aluminium
  • Light source expand the list
    • LED
  • Power expand the list

    7,8W 10,7W

  • Control expand the list
    • Dimmable
  • LED colour expand the list
    • 3000K
    • 4000K
  • Luminous flux expand the list

    631lm 765lm

  • Height expand the list
    • 9cm
    • 18cm
    • 23cm
Index Color Light source Power Control LED colour Luminous flux Height
2120AL Aluminium LED10,7WDimmable3000K631lm9cm
2120B Black LED10,7WDimmable3000K631lm9cm
2120GR Graphite LED10,7WDimmable3000K631lm9cm
2120W White LED10,7WDimmable3000K631lm9cm
2121AL Aluminium LED7,8WDimmable3000K765lm18cm
2121B Black LED7,8WDimmable3000K765lm18cm
2121GR Graphite LED7,8WDimmable3000K765lm18cm
2121W White LED7,8WDimmable3000K765lm18cm
2122AL Aluminium LED8,3WDimmable3000K765lm23cm
2122B Black LED8,3WDimmable3000K765lm23cm
2122GR Graphite LED8,3WDimmable3000K765lm23cm
2122W White LED8,3WDimmable3000K765lm23cm
2123AL Aluminium LED10,7WDimmable4000K631lm9cm
2123B Black LED10,7WDimmable4000K631lm9cm
2123GR Graphite LED10,7WDimmable4000K631lm9cm
2123W White LED10,7WDimmable4000K631lm9cm
2124AL Aluminium LED8,5WDimmable4000K765lm18cm
2124B Black LED8,5WDimmable4000K765lm18cm
2124GR Graphite LED8,5WDimmable4000K765lm18cm
2124W White LED8,5WDimmable4000K765lm18cm
2125AL Aluminium LED8,5WDimmable4000K765lm23cm
2125B Black LED8,5WDimmable4000K765lm23cm
2125GR Graphite LED8,5WDimmable4000K765lm23cm
2125W White LED8,5WDimmable4000K765lm23cm
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